Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! Individual refill sachets for Earth Buddy Handwash, dishwash and glass cleaner are available on our website


Our dish wash gel, hand wash & glass cleaner are hypoallergenic! All the product formulations used to create Earth Buddy products are checked to be non-irritating and sensitising. Also, we use natural or naturally derived plant based cleaning agents. Being cruelty free, our products have not been tested on animals  and we avoid formulating with known allergens. 

All our products do not have any synthetic or chemical cleaning agents. The surfactants and cleaning agents that we use are derived from coconut and hence are plant based.  

Yes! We are proud to announce that all our products have not been tested on animals and no animals were involved or harmed while creating our products. 

Yes, they are. Our products are absolutely free of any sulphates and parabens. Hence are soft on your skin while being tough on grease & stains. 

When you buy an Earth Buddy hand wash/glass cleaner/dish wash liquid for the first time, you are provided with a reusable & refillable bottle alongside a sachet. Our bottle quality is such that it can be reused over and over and you don’t need to throw the bottle after each use and buy a new one. This saves you from discarding roughly 10 bottles per product per year.